Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tattered Odds and Ends

I was perusing the Restoration Hardware website the other day, and I notice that industrial chic seems to be all the rage. I've "created" some vintage-inspired items such as "skinned books" and re-purposed objects like spindles as candle holders and and machinery bits as book ends.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Junk Journals

More personal and less formal than a scrapbook, junk journals are perfect for preserving specific moments, experiences and attitudes.

Fill notebooks with movie and event tickets, favorite photos, menus, place mats, pressed flowers, receipts, notes, fortune cookie fortunes, bus tickets, pics clipped from magazines…anything that freezes a moment in time for you. Make notes in your own handwriting.

These are made with old book covers, blank pages for filling, and whimsical patterned paper pages scattered throughout.

Harry Potter "School Planner"

Pages in little book are ready for pictues of a young wizards classmates. Also contains a class schedule, dueling practice schedule, book list, and custom sorting hat poem.

Sample pages below.

Treasure Boxes

Store your treasures, save bits and bobs, use as beautiful gift boxes.


I love hunting around junk shops, antique stores, paper shops and scrapbooking warehouses to find odds and ends like vintage bingo cards, buttons, tickets, postcards, ribbon, old stamps, paper flowers, game pieces, paper dolls, etc. They give scrapbook and journal pages life, texture and color. These kits are $5 a piece.